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Pair of Double Arm Oval Back Sconces

Item Code: 1989s
Item Price: $790.00
SOLD, If Interested in this light we can find something similar for you.

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  • Circa 1910
  • Deep acid etched shades with organic design details
  • Overall : 10 " length x 11 1/2" width x 6 1/2" from wall
  • Back plate : 8" length x 4" width
  • Shades : 6" length x 5 1/4" diameter
  • Complimentary Sconces available 1988s
  • Price is for each Sconce
      Antique lighting sconces are placed on a wall or mantle in various rooms of your home. Antique sconces could be gas, gas & electric, and electric. Although you will find gas keys, all of the gas and gas & electric sconces have been electrified.
      Antique gas sconces will have the arms going up to hold the shades, a back plate to attach to the wall, and a gas key on the fixture.
      Antique Gas & Electric sconces will have arms going up, arms going down and a back plate to attach to the wall.
      Antique electric sconces will mostly have the arms going down with the exception of electric candle sconces. There is also a back plate to attach to the wall.